Cerasee tea

Cerasee Tea

Cerasee Tea

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Cerasee tea is one of the most consumed herbs in Jamaica. It has been used to cure numerous ailments from Stomach pains to influenza. The vine is grown all over Jamaica and other parts of the world, it is easy to grow and can be seen growing in most Jamaican back yards.


Health Benefits .

Cerasee, scientifically known as “Momordica charantia,” is a very bitter herb. It purifies the blood and the body.

The number one medicinal benefit is for the cure of abdominal pains. One Jamaica Valley Cerasee teabag with some ginger, and a little sugar or honey added is very effective. Some people like it better without any sweetener, which is in fact the best way. A tea made from the leaves and vines is used to treat parasitic worms, liver problems, as a tonic, and as a blood and body cleanser. This herb has detoxifying properties and is used as a wash out to purge the body. Cerasee is very effective in relieving constipation, fevers and colds in children. The tea decreases menstrual cramps and can also treat urinary tract infections.

Cerasee contains nutrients like iron, vitamins A and C, phosphorous and alkaloids, thus its effectiveness in treating many ailments.

You can expect to get all the bitter taste & all the health benefits of Cerasee with Jamaica Valley  Cerasee teabags. Our teabags are filled with dried and crushed vines and leaves of the Cerasee bush.


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