2kg small diced goat leg & shoulder mixed

1 un-waxed lemon

½ handful each of fresh Coriander (Cilantro) & Parsley

3 large Scallion (Spring onions)

2 & ½ large onions

1tbsp of fresh ginger

7 sticks of Thyme

1 whole scotch bonnet pepper with seeds

Jamaica Valley seasoning list:

5 tbsp  Curry powder

4 tbsp All Purpose

4 tbsp Oxtail Meat seasoning

2 tbsp Garlic powder

200g Coconut Oil

5 cups of water

(Serves 4)


  1. Wash goat meat with lemon, lime or vinegar.

  2. Remove any visible grizzle on meat.

  3. For the green seasoning: Coriander, Parsley, Scallion, 1 & ½ Onions, Ginger, Scotch bonnet. Chop small enough to be place in food blender

  4. Add a cup of boiling water & blend ingredients to a paste

  5. Pour over washed meat

  6. To same bowl add Jamaica Valley seasonings

  7. Rub ingredients into meat thoroughly.

  8. Place pan on a stove turned to high heat

  9. Add coconut oil to pan

  10. Reduce heat to medium and add ½ tbsp curry powder to oil

  11.  Use wooden spoon to mix curry and oil until oil and curry turns to a medium/ dark brown colour

  12. Turn the heat back up, and start to add the goat meat

  13. Once all meat is in the pan, reduce fire to medium, and brown the meat, by turning ensuring all meat is sufficiently brown

  14. Add 1 & ½ cups of boiling water to pan

  15. Reduce to medium heat mixing occasionally, until meat softens (2.5 hours)

  16. Add rest of the onions chopped into circles. Turn to stove to low heat and allow to simmer for further 25-30   minutes. 


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