XS Dutch Pot 21.5 cmS Duth Pot  23.5 cmM Dutch Pot 27 cmL Dutch Pot 30.5 cm Jamaican dutch pot, dutchy, dutchie or dutchpot. This cooking pot is a staple in most Jamaican and Caribbean homes and restaurants for catering. Use to cook your curry goat, oxtail or your Sunday rice and peas. Caribbean(Jamaican) Cooking in a Dutch Pot : Many foods like beans, chili, stews, soups, rice dishes, and noodles can be cooked easily with heat from the bottom of the pot. You can place the Dutch Pot on coals to cook these - great for entertaining in the garden. Remember that a Dutch Pot holds a lot of heat in the sides and lid. You can move it off of the coals before it is finished cooking and let it finish with just the heat of the pot. The Dutch Pot really shows off when you use it to bake. Almost anything that you bake at home can be cooked in a Dutch Pot. To bake in a Dutch Pot over coals, you put some coals under the oven and more coals on the top. This will allow the heat to be distributed above and below the oven and provide more even heat to whatever you are baking.

Dutch Pot